Private lessons are available for piano,  keyboard,  organ,  cello,  violin,  viola,  voice,  guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, classical guitar, banjo, mandolin, saxophone,  clarinet,  flute,  accordion, harmonica, ukulele, drums and  recorder

Fees vary according to the teacher’s education and experience. Price quoted is based on 30 minute lessons


Connie Kennedy  $24 – piano, theory, violin, cello, viola, clarinet, sax, organ, accordion

Judith DeWitt $21 – voice, piano, violin, viola

Lee Rawson  $22 – piano

Frank Seager  $22 – guitar (all kinds), piano, theory

Sara Goodwin  $21 – voice, piano, flute, recorder, theory, keyboard, violin, R&R class

Ann McLean  $21 – piano

Julius Sneider $20 – guitar

Harlin Braichet  $20 – drums, beginner piano

Don Beckett $19 – guitar (all kinds), ukulele, harmonica, mandolin, banjo, dobro , lap steel

Hilary Dutourgeerling $18 – voice

Richelle Walker $16 – guitar

Danika Robillard  $16 – piano

Lesson fees are due the first week of the month, for the whole month. We will arrange make-up lessons when at least 24 hours notice of absence is given.