About Us

Our studio has been helping children and adults of all ages learn music for over fourty years.  We grew to have such a large number of teachers and students that we opened a second location several years ago.

Our mission is to encourage everyone to at least give music a try.  It is a well known fact that music exercises the brain.   From development to staying sharp or rehabilitation, music can help.

We offer lessons in piano, keyboard, organ, accordion, guitar (acoustic, electric, bass, classical), banjo, mandolin, ukulele, voice, clarinet, saxophone, violin, cello, viola, recorder, harmonica, theory, drums, and flute.

We teach 6 days a week, and try to be as accommodating as we can for everyone’s schedule. We encourage choosing a permanent time every week for your lesson, and offer make-up lessons if at least 24 hours notice is given for a missed lesson. Some exceptions do apply when other arrangements are made ahead of time (ie. shift workers)

Owner, Connie Kennedy, has been teaching music for over 50 years and has given hundreds of people the gift of music.

Who in your life needs the gift of music?

Call us today. 519-344-2319 for the Mitton St. S.  location or 519-542-3542 for the Murphy Rd location.

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