Rhythm and Rhymes: Classes for 3 to 6 year old children. A fun way to learn the basics.  These classes are not being offered during COVID times. 

Includes singing, games, action songs, crafts, rhythms and an introduction to various instruments.

Classes run Sept. to Dec., Jan. to Mar., Apr. to June – 10 classes for $125

July to Aug. – 6 classes for $75

We teach private music lessons for the following instruments :

piano,  keyboard,  organ,  cello,  violin,  viola,  voice,  guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, classical guitar, banjo, mandolin, saxophone,  clarinet,  flute,  accordion,  ukulele, drums,  recorder

Fees vary according to the teacher’s educational background and experience.

Theory Classes

Level 5  $150

Level 6  $160

Level 7  $170

Level 8  $180

Level 9  Harmony  $250,  History $250

Level 10  Harmony  $270,  History $270

ARCT  Harmony  $300,  History  $300,  Analysis  $300

Pedagogy: Teacher training includes beginner methods, exams, festivals, recitals and more. –  $200