Rhythm and Rhymes: Classes for 3 to 6 year old children. A fun way to learn the basics.  

Includes singing, games, action songs, crafts, rhythms and an introduction to various instruments.

Classes run Sept. to Dec., Jan. to Mar., Apr. to June – 10 classes for $105

July to Aug. – 6 classes for $70

We teach private music lessons for the following instruments :

piano,  keyboard,  organ,  cello,  violin,  viola,  voice,  guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, classical guitar, banjo, mandolin, saxophone,  clarinet,  flute,  accordion,  ukulele, drums,  recorder

Fees vary according to the teacher’s educational background and experience.

Theory Classes

Level 5  $150

Level 6  $160

Level 7  $170

Level 8  $180

Level 9  Harmony  $250,  History $250

Level 10  Harmony  $270,  History $270

ARCT  Harmony  $300,  History  $300,  Analysis  $300

Pedagogy: Teacher training includes beginner methods, exams, festivals, recitals and more. –  $200