Recital Time & Vacation Hours

Can you believe it’s SUMMER TIME ? WOW ~ yet another year is coming to a close. But do not despair, we have lessons all year round. So many students enjoy trying something new in the summer. We offer FREE student instrument rentals. As an example our piano students may like to try guitar or the drum students may like to try saxophone. Whatever you’d like we can probably accommodate!

And as always, check the local papers and coupon booklets. There just may be an awesome coupon for lessons.

Our Summer Recital is Saturday, June 21, at the Sarnia Public Library beginning at 11am and running through to 4 pm.  Come and support our students as they show off their musical talent. There is a new session each hour, and at the end we like to have treats for the students to enjoy. Please feel free to bring snacks to share.

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